Uncle Adonis

Though regarded in the village as something of a roue,Uncle Adonis is the closest thing Akis has to a father.Adonis and his cafenion cronies,provide the young island boy a window onto manly ways of the world.As a child,Akis takes Uncle Adonis’ reputation as a ladies’ man on face value. Later, as a know-it-all university student, he learns the tragic truth behind Uncle Adonis’ reputation.

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Manoulis Steals a Kiss

Manoulis had been born a child of Epiphany. To the village’s old women, his birth season—the season of long nights, when the old and New Year meet—placed a part of Manoulis in the company of satyrs and ghosts and other creatures of the in-between. Yet Manoulis is a kissing fool, and his obsession may reprieve his sister from the convent!

Manoulis Steals a Kiss won first place in the Books Feature in the Austin Chronicle in 2003.

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About the author

Wynn Parks was born in the southern U.S., and raised on Air Force Bases scattered from the Philippines to Turkey. He put himself through graduate school by working summers as a Driller’s Helper in the Wyoming coal fields, and graduated from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop in 1971.

After six months as a Dobey-Paisano Fellow at the University of Texas, he later went to the Greek island of Paros to teach writing at the Aegean School of Fine Arts. Though he forayed off-island to Europe, North Africa, and Iran, it was Paros that was his haven from seventies through the mid-eighties.

Wynn’s stories have grown out of his years in Greece, Turkey, and his life-long connection with the Aegean. He currently lives in the United States, on the Gulf Coast.